Price adjustment September 1, 2022

Due to greatly increased costs in the first half of 2022, we will need to adjust our prices by 5 % based on the actual cost increases that the regular index does not take into account. The price adjustment applies from 1 September 2022. The background to the price adjustment is based on several factors:

– Increased vehicle costs due to extended delivery times for new vehicles which mean that we have to drive significantly longer than planned with old vehicles, which results in increased costs for workshop services such as service and maintenance.
– Vehicle costs are also increasing due to the component shortage, which makes it difficult to obtain spare parts. The prices of several spare parts have increased very sharply during the first half of the year, which makes all repairs more expensive. In addition, we get increased costs for downtime (depreciation and personnel) as repair times have become very long and there are no replacement cars on the market.
– Personnel costs continued to increase due to the large driver shortage in Sweden and throughout Europe. In total, several hundred thousand drivers are missing within the EU. This drives increased costs in the form of overtime, hiring and other compensation effects.
– High demand for transport services and, at the same time, increased demands for control of both loading and unloading times.

To all of you who have a pallet exchange, we will charge a fee for handling this from the same date. It will end up at SEK 30 per pallet. We will not be responsible for any depreciation at the recipient, please make sure that the pallets are of approved quality and that the correct number of approved pallets is noted on the waybill (the fee is charged according to what is written on the waybill). Those of you who do not have a pallet exchange are not affected. The reason for the above is mainly more expensive raw materials and that pallets have become a hard currency that has become unhealthy in many ways and created leakage and a shortage that is not under the carrier’s responsibility.

This price increase refers to the increased costs that we could not cover through increased productivity. We work continuously to improve our productivity. Finally, this increase is also made to maintain a continued high level of service and quality for you as a customer. We are of course looking forward to continued good cooperation!

Urban Andersson

Do you want to read more about the reduction obligation? You can do it here in Swedish.